More than 400 audiobooks were produced and published.

Marathi and English audio series called Bangladesh Muktisangram Shuragatha/ Heroic tales of Bangladesh Muktisangram, based on 1971 Bharat Pakistan war is one such milestone project of team Zankar.

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Elearning in K12 Segment

Innovative project of audio-visual Content for tribal students - Created 11 audio-visual books in 11 different tribal languages in Maharashtra.This was done in record time of 3 months. This project received many recognitions.

You can use Block to Blog for activities like storytelling, story writing, narrations, audiobook publishing, storytelling competitions etc.

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Short Film Making

Zankar produced Padkai and Mool, tribal short films screened in the prestigious Pune International Film Festival. Film Padkai received an Award in the Tribal category.

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