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Audio Master Workshop(AMW)

Audio Industry is vast and it requires many skills. Using audio skills in your social media, leisure, and professional activities has become a life skill. Whether it is a presentation or reel, audio skills matter.

Zankar is standardizing the complete skill development process in the audio Industry. As a first step, Zankar has launched an introductory course called Audio Master Workshop (AMW).

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Our vision is for each student to develop a curiosity for learning, discover their interests, and grow in the field of voice and audio as per their abilities.


Our mission is crystal clear - to empower audio enthusiasts, from novices to seasoned professionals, with the knowledge and skills they need to conquer the world of sound. We are here to turn passion into profession and create a harmonious community of audio artisans, where excellence resonates in every note.

Block to Blog

Block to Blog forum was introduced by Katha by Snehal Bakre and Zankar To encourage Armature writers to write and use digital media such as audiobooks, podcasts, eBooks, and Print Books effectively to promote themselves and create their own community, especially in regional and vernacular languages.

You can use Block to Blog for activities like storytelling, story writing, narrations, audiobook publishing, storytelling competitions etc.

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Zankar is recognized as a specialized studio for the production and publishing of audiobooks and podcasts. Over 400+ titles published to date. We are a CDA to Storytel which is the best audiobook platform for regional language books.

Be it an upcoming writer or an established writer, Zankar has mastered the process of audiobook production and provides multiple packages to suit your requirements.

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Packaged Publishing

Today, digital technology has simplified the book publishing process in Print/eBook and audio format.

The majority of self-publishing platforms lack friendly advice and options to choose from like paper choice, book size choice, editing formalities, and quality printing.

Team Zankar is a blend of experience in book publishing, the latest technology experts, and passionate gurus in the field of book publishing.

In today’s world audience is spread across Mediums so it is necessary to publish your work in all three established mediums, namely audiobooks, eBooks, and print books.

Zankar provides, a packaged publishing option where you can create audiobooks, print book copies and ebook ( epub) in one package.

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